**Afraid to Love Cover Reveal**





Learning to trust again is the hardest thing to do.

Ana Perrot is crazy. Crazy about sex, and pleasing her lovers. She is

passionate and as fiery as her red hair. She eats men like air. She is also

willing to submit to any man anywhere. But outside of the bedroom, Ana is an

independent woman who lives her own life by her own rules. And, her biggest

rule . . . she won’t do long term relationships. She refuses to fall in love .

. . again.

Teddy O’Rourke is an easy going, laid back Tampa bartender at one of the most

popular clubs in town. All about family and enjoying life including all the

women that throw themselves at his feet, he has no problems finding willing

partners. His football player body, his personality, his warm hazel eyes all

ooze sex appeal. He is the perfect package in every way for a woman like Ana,

well for any woman really. An ex-cop, his instincts tell him Ana is one hell of

a woman, but she is wounded and scarred by the past. What are her secrets? What

will make her trust him? Why is she so afraid to love?

A one night stand, that is full of surprises for Teddy, opens his eyes to new

possibilities. A single man enjoying his freedom meets his match in the

bedroom, and elsewhere. He sees a future with Ana, a counselor for troubled

youth. But could she be persuaded to fall . . . and to trust again?








Video Trailer

Afraid to Love – Youtube

About the author:

MJ Nightingale has been a

teacher for

twenty–two years.  She graduated from

University in Canada with a Bachelors of Arts degree majoring in English, and

honoring in American History.  She went

on to get her Bachelors of Education Degree in Secondary Education. 

            Reading has been a

part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of classical

English and American literature, but romance has always held a special place in

her heart.  She devours romance novels

all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense, and

drama.  She has published poetry, lyrics

for song scores and short stories under a different name. 

            She has taught

Creative Writing to high school students for over fifteen years, several who

have gone on to publish works of their own.


            She currently lives in Florida,

where she continues to teach, with her wonderful husband of eight years, and

her twin sons.  She plans on pursuing her

writing career full time very soon.



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