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Marty Mayfield fell in love at the tender age of 16 to Matt Cooper. He was her world until the day he left to go into the Air Force. From many letters she had written and mailed, responses from Matt never came. Her world felt destroyed and lonely. After graduating high school she moved to Paris and lived there for 12 years. During her years of living there she met the man she thought could replace Matt. Turned out her years in Paris brought nothing but pain, loss and suffering.
Making a fresh start from her wounded past she makes her way to San Diego, California where she ends up finding the one person who had always made her feel whole. Will she be able to get past her scars and give Matt her whole heart again? Will she be able to forgive him for leaving her hopeless? Denying her love for him will be a struggle, sexually and emotionally.

Matt Cooper was the black sheep of his family. He wanted nothing more than to play music and live outside his father’s influence within the Air Force. Having no other choice, he took that road and left the one girl who loved him unconditionally. Regretting his decision for not writing Marty back, he continued to serve his country. Years later, after retiring, he started living his dream in San Diego, but the loneliness was always there. His heart had always been with Marty. He couldn’t get past the thought of ever living without her. Feeling like he came out of years of a coma she enters his life again. He felt his love for her immediately and more stronger than ever. Getting her to trust him again will be a battle, but he was never going to give up. He was determined to keep her in his life forever.

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My Review

This book is about having that once in a lifetime love and losing it, only to learn that it never fades away with time.

Marty has been hurt in the past, she is struggling to overcome her fears and feels like it is time to start over. She decides to move to a new town and try to get back into the things she once loved. She finds herself thinking about the one guy that got away, Matt.

Matt has had one love in his life, she was his everything but his father thought he needed to get his priorities in order and join the military, so he let her go. After retiring from the military he decides to start his new life in a new town. He still questions whether he made the right choices in the past.

When a chance encounter brings Marty and Matt lives clashing back together, everything changes. Can they pick up where they left off or will Marty’s insecurities get in the way?

November Rain is a very enjoyable read. I loved Marty and Matt’s reaction when they reunite. I thing T.J. West did an outstanding job in writing her debut novel and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.


About the Author


I’m a stay at home Mom to two kids, Joey and Raquel. Been married for 15yrs , living in San Diego, Ca..
I’ve always loved being involved with my kids school activities, being on the PTA board, working in their school, doing things that most mothers do.
I really enjoy Reading, writing, using my imagination to build a story…How awesome is that?
I wanted to be a doula for many years and someday might still become one..We will see..

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