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After living in fear of a hidden past and denying herself a real chance at true love, the beautiful and independent Landrey Steele goes about her everyday life in New York City working as an assistant to a well known fashion designer. Taking on an opportunity to launch a new clothing line in California, Landrey finds herself in a situation for which she has longed, but never imagined could actually happen. When she runs into the one man for whom she would have given up everything, passion reignites between Landrey and the engaging, blue-eyed Zaine Brooks. Their relationship blossoms, but somebody doesn’t like it. A intimidating string of events begins to hit too close to home and threatens the happiness it has taken her so long to find. Will this fear keep Landrey and Zaine Forever Waiting?
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This book is about love, second chances, and overcoming the past with a little bit of humor and drama thrown in there.

It all begins with Landrey Steele, a girl who has been tainted by an abusive relationship from her past. She puts all her energy into work and hanging out with her friends to continue to live her life as normal as possible. While working a new employee has came into her life, Zaine Brooks. She is attracted to him and he fits right in with her group of friends. After spending quite a bit of time together their feelings toward each other evolve from being friends to something more. There are things that make their relationship complicated and unfortunately Landrey’s insecurities get the best of her.

Years past, eight to be exact and Landrey works for a well known Fashion Designer who gives her and her best friend the job opportunity of a lifetime. The problem is Landrey still hasn’t got over Zaine and this job happens to take place in his hometown. What are the chances that they will see each other? Just so happens they run into each other shortly after she arrives and Zaine is determined not to let her get away this time. As their sizzling relationship continues to grow someone doesn’t approve. Who would want to ruin this beautiful relationship?

P.D. Stevens did an amazing job writing her debut novel. It has the right amount of everything. Sex scenes are smoking hot, characters are great, and it will have you guessing who is out to ruin Zaine and Landrey’s relationship. The entire book has a very realistic feel to it. Zaine Brooks is now added on my list of favorite book boyfriends, you will definitely fall in love with him. Highly recommend for your next book fix.


P. D . Stevens is a Lover of Romance and Books that keep you guessing . When she is not working , she enjoys spending time with family and friends . She currently resides in Virginia .




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