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SynopsisPurpleALFIE BLACK has everything he needs to pass scrutiny as a rock star. He’s a drop dead gorgeous specimen of a man. Rough around the edges and still flawless to look at. Alfie is a jaw dropping, panty melting, tattooed bad boy. Add tall and athletically toned with a fabulous face, eyes and smile, and it’s easy to see he’d be going places. Ticking most of the boxes required as the lead singer in a band,the last part of the equation many not have mattered much. However, Alfie is an incredibly talented singer and musician.

Women want Alfie. Men want to be Alfie.

So, gifted Alfie is given opportunities to progress both as an artiste, with his band Crakt Soundzz, but also to share his passion and pass his knowledge on to others at music college. Alfie’s journey in life should be going in one direction, but his sole focus is on taking care of his responsibilities.

Circumstances in the background dictate what he needs. And what he is willing to accept. This is something he isn’t willing to compromise on. Focused and determined, the last thing Alfie needs is a distraction. What Alfie wants and what is happening in his life are poles apart, but he is determined to keep going no matter what. For now, he thinks it’s enough. That is, until he meets Lily, the English girl who arrives at college to study music in Miami.

Lily is Alfie’s equal in many ways, musically gifted, stunning and in a different league to any girl Alfie has ever known. She is focused and driven. Single minded about her one passion in life. Music. The only

thing Lily has ever wanted in life is to play and to play well.

When Lily’s journey crosses Alfie’s life path, what ensues for the both of them is a complex ride of emotions and feelings. Neither of them, despite all of their combined attributes are equipped to deal with. Alfie is emotionally locked down, both from past experiences and his current situation.

Lily is sexually naive and inexperienced. When their world’s collide there are far reaching consequences for the both of them, which neither expected. How can Alfie and Lily be together?

Alfie shares his thoughts, feelings and emotional conflict in his story. (Lily’s Story The Everything Trilogy)





Love With Every Beat is Alfie’s pov from all three books in The Everything Trilogy. The Everything Trilogy is one of my favorite series I have read this year and getting Alfie’s side of the story just made me love it more. 

I won’t go into details with this review because if you have read The Everything Trilogy you know the gist of this story, but being in Alfie’s head gives you a true understanding about why he acted the way he did and why he is was hot one minute and cold the next toward Lily. To be honest I thought Alfie was a little too cocky and kind of an asshole in the trilogy, not the entire trilogy but a good part of it, but after reading this I was quick to change my mind and when you read you will find out why.  I fell in love with Alfie hard in this book.

K.L. Shandwick did an amazing job writing Alfie’s pov. Most male povs we get are just one book, she wrote it for all three and I loved every minute of it. It doesn’t go over every single moment throughout the trilogy which I think is great, because the story doesn’t feel too redundant and you get the important parts.  It is long since it goes over three books, but that didn’t stop me from devouring this book, I seriously started reading one night and had to force myself to put it down just to get a few hours of sleep only to wake up and finish the book.  Highly recommend this series, go one-click you won’t be disappointed!.


Love With Every Beat by KL Shandwick from Once Upon An Alpha on Vimeo.





I am married with two grown up children. I live on the outskirts of London. Writing has come relatively later in life for me, my main career being within the social and health services setting for many years as an independent professional. Please check out my website for my full bio.



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