BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: Dancing Hearts by Heather Dahlgren


Dancing Hearts

Author: Heather Dahlgren

Release Date: September 21st, 2014

Hosted By : Author Sandra Love

Blog Tour: October 13th-17th


Cooper James is no stranger

to loss. He had to hit rock bottom before making his way to the top. After

losing his dad, Cooper has to take on the responsibility left to him. He now

owns his father’s bar and also cares for his mom who struggles greatly with

their loss. He is sexy, put together and protects what he loves. Listening,

playing and writing music is his outlet.


Emma Harris is a simple girl. She loves country

music, her friends and family. She hasn’t had the best of luck with men, but

that doesn’t hold her back. She is beautiful, outgoing and full of life.

When Cooper and Emma have a chance encounter at

a concert, it is an instant connection. They have a romantic, hot and

meaningful relationship. Cooper is the verse to Emma’s chorus.


what happens when tragedy strikes? 

When lives are shattered. When the music stops


     Is it possible for their hearts to keep dancing?


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My Review

5 Stars

Wow, where do I begin…..Ok I will start with Cooper because he is one sexy ass country boy. He has had to do a lot of growing up over the past few years, at 25 he has a lot on his shoulders. The two most important things in his life is his bar and his mother, well that is until Emma comes dancing her way into his life.
Emma is a carefree 22 year old who likes to hang out with friends, partying, and has a passion for music, specifically country. She has had her heart broken in the past and is just wanting to have some fun, she knows she doesn’t want another man like her ex. When her and her friends set out on a night of fun at a concert she meets Cooper. She is very attracted to him and he seems to sweep her right off her feet.
Cooper and Emma have schedules that seem to work against them but they will do whatever is possible to make it work. In no time these two are falling hard for each other, but not everyone is happy with their relationship. When lives start to spiral out of control can Cooper and Emma handle it, or will it rip their relationship apart?
I really enjoyed this book, it went at the perfect pace. It was fun, emotional, and sweet. Yes there was a little drama that got my blood pumping but I loved how everything played out at the end. This book had just the right amount of steamy goodness. I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author. One-click you won’t be disappointed.


For Dancing Hearts

I connected

strongly to both characters Emma & Cooper, I love the passion in these two

my heart broke a few times, I laughed, I cried

. “ ~Amazon Reviewer


“Dancing Hearts had

my heart dancing with all the feels!!! Cooper and Emma’s love of music is just

part of their connection to each other. They can’t seem to get enough of each


~Amazon Reviewer


Easy 5 stars.

I loved this book and highly recommend it to everyone, it has love, passion,

sex, and love at first sight (kinda). It is a whirl wind romance. I could not

put it down, just like I couldn’t put down all her other books. If you haven’t

read it yet you definitely need to ASAP.” ~Amazon Reviewer



I am 36 years old.  I am married to my high school sweet

heart.  We have been married for almost

12 years and have 3 amazing kids.  I’m a

stay at home mom and my kids definitely keep me busy.  I live at the Jersey Shore and love all there

is to do here.  I love nature, birds

especially.  I enjoy hiking and fishing

with my family.

I have always loved to

write.  In high school I used to write

stories, poems and a lot of love notes!

I absolutely love to read.  I love

the way I can get lost in a book and forget about the world around me.  Now that I am writing books, I feel the same

way, only it’s my book I’m getting lost in.

As for now, I am loving this

journey of becoming an author.  It has

been more then I dreamed it would be.

You can always find me

online.  I love social media, so please

feel free to interact with me,.





Released June 4th, 2014

Kenz hated high school. Having

no friends, no boyfriend, and worst of all being bullied—graduation was the

only thing she looked forward to. After graduation, she completely reinvents

herself becoming the person she always wanted to be. Someone different. 


Changed. When she gets to college, she easily

makes friends, boyfriends, and loves life. For once in her life, she adores the

person she has become.



Enter Campbell Boyd —the attraction between them

is instant. He is sexy as hell. Sweet, romantic, flirty. He definitely knows

how to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom.



Once he has his sights set on Kenz, there is

nothing that will stand in his way. Or maybe there is something that could ruin

it all? One small detail that Kenz tries desperately to ignore—one that can

only be swept under the rug for so long.



What happens when the past and present collide

and secrets are revealed? Is it possible to forgive or will it destroy them

both? One thing’s for sure—things are going to change.


Commitment (Changed Book 2)


Release July 30th, 2012

Maddie Duff had a horrible

childhood – dreadful, vile, and appalling, thanks to her deranged mother.

Maddie was forced into a life that made her believe that perfection and beauty

were the most important things. She was taught that the only relationships

worth having with men were those of a sexual nature; men were not worth the




She leads a life of fun, carefree, emotionless

sex with countless men. She lives with her best friends, Kenz and Becca, who

she considers her only family. She also has an ongoing ‘friends with benefits’

thing with her friend and neighbor, Young.



Tyler Young is hot, sexy and loves women. He is

foul-mouthed, idiotic and hysterical. He lives with his best friends, Campbell

and Dick. These three may bust each other; however, they have each other’s back

in the blink of an eye. Young has his sights set on Maddie. They have an

intense, mind-blowing time in the bedroom … Until he decides he wants more.



Even though Young has Maddie feeling things she

has never felt before, not to mention her panties on fire, when he suggests a

relationship she takes off. Young is determined to make Maddie his, whatever

the cost. He comes up with a plan that he believes will do just that. Make

Maddie his … mind, body and soul.



Can Young convince Maddie that he is worth

breaking all her rules for? Will Maddie be able to let down her walls, forget

what she believes, and let Young in? What happens when the past finally catches

up with you and the truth is revealed?



Is the Commitment worth it? 



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  1. Thank you so much for participating in Heather’s Blog Tour and great review

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