My Star Ratings

 Star Ratings
★★★★★ – Five star rating means I absolutely loved the book. In some way or another it blew my mind, brought out a lot of emotion, and/or I couldn’t find one single thing that I would change in any way. Five star to me equals paperback worthy and re-read material. Definitely recommend, must read, and would want to read other books from the author.
 ★★★★ – Four star rating means I loved the book, enjoyed it all the way through. Maybe there was a key element missing such as a twist or that wow factor.  Would recommend the book to others and would like to read more from the author.
★★★ – Three star rating means I liked the book. Maybe the story was good and I just had a hard time connecting with the characters or something along those lines. I would want to check out more  books from the author.
I don’t rate below a 3 star rating. As you know we do not all like the same things in life. I have read many books that I loved and others didn’t like it and vice versa.  It would be a boring world if we all agreed on every single thing. If I review a book and give it a 4 star rating, that is good thing. It means I loved it. There is a fine line between 4 and 5 star ratings in my opinion. Rating a book is sometimes harder for me than writing the review.

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